Hearts Collection

  1. Bet on Love | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    Bet it all on a smooth guava drizzled over an incredible dessert with hidden ingredients to make this an all day vape for you and a loved one. Learn More
  2. Sure Thing | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    Creamy Bavarian smooth taste, blended with the touch of your favorite crunch cereal, and a royal ingredient leaving you wanting more! Learn More
  3. Get Lucky | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    This Jack has a mysterious way of bringing his mixture to the table. His secret fruits only you can discover! He always fools and fascinates the taste buds of any Opponent! Learn More
  4. High Stakes | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    This Queen has a breath taking sweet chill that moves with a fresh sensation, that together makes an unbelievable light mint experience! Learn More
  5. Casino Lights | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    This unmatched King brings a flavor to play of a hidden light sensational tobacco that is complimented with delicious nuts and a sweet caramel to finish the game! Learn More
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