Spades Collection

  1. Hot Hands | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    Hot Hands | Royal Flush A morning breakfast awaits you with the 10 of spades. Fruit cereal taste with a bite of a warm soft doughnut, glazed with a bakers touch! Learn More
  2. Ace of Spades | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    The taste of buttery vanilla cake with freshly sliced strawberries blended with a rich vanilla cream that is irresistible to anyone. An Unbeatable and unforgettable flavor to match this Ace! Learn More
  3. All or Nothing | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    Like all kings, this royal combination of sweet mango, and an exhale of pomegranate blended with the taste of fresh luscious berries! Learn More
  4. Sky's the Limit | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    A hand picked unbelievable blend of exotic fruits from a remote tropical island. Lay back and put your feet up and watch the sun go down with this flavor! Learn More
  5. Beginner's Luck | Royal Flush

    Price: $8.99
    The sweet under tone of caramelized creamy nuts joined with a superior vanilla custard and a perfect blast of blueberries that will have you winning all day! Learn More
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